Fan mail
 Here are just a few of the fan mails Bill has been getting throughout the world: 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
Hi Bill, I just wanted to drop a line to let you know I think your music is awesome. Since I started listening to your music, I haven't played my Jaco cd's much. I have played bass for a few years, mainly just in church now, but I thought I would sit down and try to pick up some of your riffs. After about 10 minutes I put my bass back away in slight frustration. Some people just have it, you have the ability to express feelings through your music so the listener feels the mood. You have been blessed with a great talent, do good with it. 
Clint O 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
My Name is Alan, and I'm from Brazil. 
It might sound stupid but I just wanted to say that I've been in contact with your music and you have no idea how wonderful it sounds to me. I'm kinda of a bass player myself but of course not nearly as good as you. You are a very gifted man, never lose that and congratulations, and know that you?ll always have a fan here in Brazil! 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
I listened to your tracks, and I must say that you played some of the funkiest stuff I've ever heard. I had to spray my computer with Lysol because you were so funky. I still smell you. 
You rock, bro. I really appreciate what you're doing, electic basssist. You have that 
Victor Wooten/JD Blair thing going on with your drummer. I love it. Keep it going and God bless! 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
Just a quick note to let you know that I'm highly impressed with your music! I guess you've been doing this for quite awhile now, so my compliment is probably just one of many. I'll be buying some of your CDs shortly! 
Take care, Chris 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
You're great!!!! 
I've just discovered you and I'm goin' to buy your albums, no doubt. 
See ya!!! 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
hey, man.......Incredible playing.......but not just your chops, really dug 
your sense of basss melody and groove. Nice compositions bas sols plyers playrs. Really incredible. 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
Congratulations very good stuff, what your doing with the bass is amazing lies 
between Jaco and Stanley Clark also the Johnson brothers come to my mind. 
A Fan has sent you an email! 
Hello Mr. Evans (If he receives this e-mail),  
My name is Chris and I am currently living in Ft. Belvoir VA. I play the bass like you do and like the funk that you do and I was wondering where could I learn to play as great as you do? I can slap tap pop and everything that you do just not as rapid as Power Fusion Bass Crunch Time or Slap Bass Van Nuys. I know it takes a lot of practice but I need to know who is good enough to teach also. I am an excellent player at the age of 16 and is about to play for Insight Productions but I want to take a superb talent with me by your influence. Do you still teach or go on tour? If you do, please let me know and I'll try to make it to one of your concerts. What kind of bass did you use in Kim's Song? Because in the few pictures they have of you on the internet, you have a four string. Please let me know so I can become a bass master like you are. Take care and play till you can't play anymore. Chris 
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